Flagman Kazakhstan company services

Production of KAZCOVER thermal insulation covers:

1. Main and auxiliary equipment of TPP
2. Shut-off and control valves, fittings and pipelines
3. Aggregates and equipmen

Complex deliveries:

1. K-Flex - thermal insulation based on foamed rubber
2. ISOTEC - stone and mineral wool

Selection of insulation to solve problems:

1. Minimization of heat losses
2. Condensation prevention
3. Surface temperature
4. Avoid freezing

Installation work

1. Installation of various types of thermal insulation:
2. Supervisor - installation (professional training in installation)

Design work and technical support:

1. Thermal imaging and acoustic research
2. Calculation of heat losses
3. Development of TEC
4. Assistance in the preparation of design estimates (in accordance with SNiP)