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ISOTEC Thermal insulation products

Using ISOTEC materials, it is possible to quickly select the optimal
solution for every occasion. ISOTEC technical insulation will provide reliable,
efficient and safe operation of the equipment during its entire service life.

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These are flexible heat-insulating products that are supplied rolled up, can be stitched with steel wire, glass threads or glass roving (stitched mats) and have lining on one or both sides of various materials (steel mesh, foil, fiberglass, glass veil, etc.).

In corrugated mats, the general orientation of the fibers is perpendicular to the main surfaces of the product, which gives additional elasticity and significantly reduces the deformation of the mat when mounted on curved surfaces. Mats are used for thermal insulation of pipelines and equipment of industrial enterprises.

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Heat-insulating products of a cylindrical shape, which can be produced without coatings or with coatings of various materials. Heat-insulating cylinders are intended for use as heat and sound insulation, fire protection of chimneys, pipelines, gas ducts of industrial and power equipment.

Cylinders usually have a longitudinal section, due to which it is convenient to mount them on the pipeline.

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Heat-insulating products of a rectangular shape with a rectangular cross section. The thickness of the plate is significantly smaller than other sizes and is unchanged throughout the product. The boards are generally used to insulate flat surfaces of equipment, large tanks, rectangular air ducts.

Characteristics of ISOTEC
technical insulation


ISOTEC Wired Mat Mineral wool ISOTEC Wired Mat has good hydrophobicity. Even if some moisture gets into the cotton wool, it will easily evaporate.


ISOTEC products have high sound absorption properties and can be used to reduce noise levels in various industries.

Corrosion resistance

Thermal insulation made of mineral wool does not contribute to the occurrence of corrosion, because it prevents the access of moisture and other aggressive substances to metal surfaces.

Fire protection

ISOTEC mineral wool exhibits excellent fire protection properties, i.e. the ability to withstand exposure to high temperatures without ignition, deterioration of structure, strength and other properties.
ISOTEC materials are used for fire insulation when special requirements are placed on the fire resistance of building structures and engineering systems.

Chemical resistance

ISOTEC mineral wool has a neutral infiltrate environment of solid wool, does not react with all known oils and solvents, is resistant to slightly acidic and acidic media, is absolutely resistant to alkaline media and sulphate-alkaline media, is not a catalyst or inhibitor of chemical reactions.

These factors determine the high chemical resistance of ISOTEC products - the ability to maintain their structure when exposed to various organic substances, petroleum products, solvents, solutions of moderate acids and alkalis.