Flagman Kazakhstan Engineering company

is a manufacturer of KAZCOVER readily removable thermal insulation covers and an official distributor of a number of energy-efficient thermal insulation materials

Re-usable KAZCOVER readily removable thermal insulation covers.

Removable thermal insulation for shut-off and control valves, fittings, units and equipment that require periodic maintenance.

Designed for t = -200...+1000 °C, P = 0.1...10 MPa. Chemical resistant, fire resistant, for indoor and outdoor use.

Reduced heat loss. The payback period for TM KAZCOVER thermal covers is from 3 months. Service life - at least 10 years!

Быстросъемные изоляционные термочехлы KAZCOVER многоразового использования


Reduces heat loss, noise and vibration



Extends equipment service life



Prevents condensate formation



Protects equipment and fittings from corrosion and mechanical damage

Теплоизоляционные материалы из вспененного каучука K-FLEX

K-FLEX foamed rubber thermal insulation materials

Modern effective materials with high thermophysical and performance characteristics are a high quality standard due to low thermal conductivity and vapor permeability, high installation technology, durability, fire, corrosion, sanitary and environmental safety.

K-FLEX products have successfully proven themselves when used in heating, water supply and sanitation, ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration, sound insulation, sound absorption, for systems with increased safety requirements

Thermal insulation for K–FLEX Energo thermal power industry

K-FLEX Energo has stable technical characteristics throughout the entire period of operation and does not allow corrosion of equipment under insulation. K-FLEX Energo is probably the only thermal insulation capable of performing its functions even in direct contact with water (which often happens in overhead pipelines, as well as in trays).

K-FLEX type Energo thermal insulation, designed specifically for thermal power and housing and communal services and considers all requirements of this market. The difference between K-FLEX ENERGO and other K-FLEX insulation:

1. thermal conductivity at high temperatures are improved;
2. density kg/m3 of material is increased;
3. additional permits for the use of the material are obtained.

Теплоизоляция для теплоэнергетики K–FLEX Energo
Техническая изоляция ISOTEC

ISOTEC technical insulation

The ISOTEC brand delivers innovative solutions for thermal insulation, fire protection and sound insulation for various industries:

• Heating, ventilation, air conditioning 
• Industry
• Shipbuilding

ISOTEC is stone and mineral wool based on glass fiber in the form of cylinders, slabs, mats of various types and with various coatings.


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